Use this form when applying to have a fitting or appliance approved as a Declared Article.

The approval application process

All gas appliances and fittings in New Zealand must be safe. In addition to this, certain gas appliances or fittings, also known as Declared Articles must be approved for sale in New Zealand.

WorkSafe approval (or recognised certification) is required for declared articles  before these appliances can be legally sold in New Zealand.


In order to have a Declared Article considered for approval, you must fully complete and submit the approval application form.

An invoice for the prescribed application fee, which is $654.22 for an approval or $408.89 for a modification, will be sent to the applicant. Fees are inclusive of GST.

No work will be started on the application until full payment has been received and processed. Once paid, the fee is non-refundable even if the application is unsuccessful for whatever reason.

Gas declared article - application for approval (PDF 74 KB)

Please contact info@energysafety.govt.nz for further assistance when applying for approval.