Work-related vehicle crashes are a major cause of work-related fatalities, injuries, and risk to the safety and health of workers (and the public) both in New Zealand and internationally.

We are establishing a cross-industry Working In and Around Vehicles (WIAV) programme that is tasked with developing effective interventions to reduce harm and fatalities for workers who work in or around vehicles from any industry or economic sector.

This literature review identifies and summarises the risk factors that exist in the road freight transport industry. The research reveals a wide range of factors that contribute to risk to workers within the road freight transport industry. In particular, three risk factors were identified as key risk factors: business and industry practices, fatigue, and other road users. Taking a systems-level approach to workplace safety, the research illustrates that interventions to improve health and safety outcomes for workers should address road safety at a global level, include all road users and agents in this industry, and address the complex interplay between the workers and their workplace and environment.

Risk factors in the road freight transport industry (PDF 2 MB)