More information if you are having difficulty registering as a gas appliance supplier in the Gas Appliance Supplier Declaration database.

The Gas (Safety & Measurement) Regulations 2010(external link) (the Regulations) set out the obligations for people supplying gas products in NZ. The Regulations require that the supplier (either an importer or a NZ manufacturer) of any appliance must ensure they register on the Gas Appliance Supplier Declaration database (GASD) before they supply or offer for sale that appliance. The 2010 requirements apply to appliances imported or NZ manufactured after 1 July 2013

There are other requirements in the Regulations in regard to meeting the cited appliance certification and also marking requirements. The GASD requirements do not apply to people who import the appliance for their own use or to appliances that have been endorsed.

Company details

The Regulations can only be applied to legal entities in New Zealand. It is important that only a New Zealand legal entity is registered on the GASD. This can be a company or a natural person. A New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) will be required.

The company must be registered with the Companies Office as registered Company or a Partnership. If the company has a trading name (e.g. the legal name is Appliance Imports Ltd and it is trading as Gourmet Ovens) then both names should be entered on the form.

The nominated Responsible Person will need a RealMe login (external link) for the supplier to able to publish declarations. If this application is approved an invitation will be sent to the Responsible Person and they will be able to create a RealMe login during this process.

If the business is not a registered company then the owner of the business may register as a “sole trader”. You should register as a sole trader through the Companies Office as a sole trader to obtain your NZBN(external link). As part of that process you will need to provide your IRD number and proof of identity. You will also need a RealMe login but that may be done as part of the registration process.

The phone; website and email contact details you have entered in the Company section will appear on the public view of the declarations you make.

Person details

The responsible person section is where the details of the person making the declaration are entered. This is the person nominated by the company to enter declarations on behalf of the company. These details are not available to the public but are needed by Energy Safety to contact the company (and are required by the regulations). This is the person that will need the RealMe login(external link).

The full name of the person responsible for making the declarations must be entered.

For the most part the responsible person will be part of the company and have the same address and postal details but it is possible that the person may be located elsewhere. If that is the case then the appropriate fields should be completed.

It is important that a telephone number for the declarer is provided so that Energy Safety can contact the supplier if there is any problem.