We produce guidance for the gas industry on specific products as they are brought to our attention. This information includes product specific installation requirements, highlighted safety issues and a list of products that have been prohibited.

Prohibited products

Prohibitions are published in the New Zealand Gazette(external link) and can prohibit all or any of the following:

  • Manufacture in New Zealand 
  • Importation
  • Sale including offer for sale
  • Use, including installation.

The prohibition normally comes into effect the day after publication in the New Zealand Gazette and known sellers of the product will be given notice of the prohibition prior to the prohibition coming into effect.

The prohibition must adequately describe the product being prohibited and give brief reasons for the belief that the product is unsafe.

If a person carries out any of the activities banned by the prohibition, they are committing a Level 2 offence.

Prohibitions exist to control unsafe products. It may prompt suppliers to take remedial action in the market, such as a voluntary recall.

Gas products that have been prohibited:

LPG Cabinet heater review 2010

In 2010, the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) completed an independent review of unflued LPG cabinet heater use in New Zealand. 

Unflued LPG cabinet heaters are portable heaters, which typically incorporate a 9kg LPG bottle and are designed to be used indoors.  They are the most common individual type of gas appliance used in New Zealand.

The review concluded there are safety and health-related costs associated with LPG cabinet heater use, as well as significant economic and societal benefits associated with the safe use of these appliances, particularly as a secondary heating option.  The review did not recommend banning LPG cabinet heaters.

As a result of the review, Energy Safety implemented a range of measures to strengthen information about the safe and healthy use of LPG cabinet heaters, including the provision of health-related messages for the first time:

  • Specification as a “declared article”, that is requiring, through regulation, that specific approval be sought from the Ministry of Economic Development before an appliance can be sold in New Zealand. 
  • Mandating the provision of safety and health labelling on all LPG cabinet heaters, as a condition of their approval for sale in New Zealand.
  • Working with the Ministry of Health to develop mandatory health messages.
  • Working with the LPG Association and industry to develop mandatory safety messages.
  • Strengthening the provision of safety and health information through brochures and websites and through a wide range of organisations.
NZIER LPG cabinet heater review 25 May 2010 (PDF 554 KB)