The Certificate of Compliance (CoC) is a statement of the safety status of gasfitting work. It identifies the work that has been completed and who is responsible for that work. No general or high-risk gasfitting is considered complete until a CoC is issued for that work. Details of high risk work must also be logged in the Electricity and Gas High Risk Database.

A CoC is required for all general and high-risk gasfitting. A CoC may be issued for low-risk gasfitting but there is no requirement for this under the Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations 2010 (GSMRs)(external link).

Regulation 47 of the GSMRs describes what the CoC must contain and GSMR 48 specifies the details that must be recorded on the CoC.

The person authorised to certify who either did the work or supervised the person who did the work is responsible for issuing a CoC for that work. Regulation 85A provides that CoCs for an installation may be consolidated, along with any Gas Safety Certificates (GSCs) for the installation.

The person responsible for issuing the CoC must provide a copy to the client for the work, or the occupier if the client is unavailable. Every CoC must be kept by the person responsible for issuing it for a minimum of seven years. These records may be  hard copy or electronic.

The person responsible for issuing the CoC must provide a copy of the CoC within 10 days on request from any of the parties identified in Regulation 52G. These include WorkSafe and the Board or Registrar.

Electricity and Gas High-risk Database (EGHRD)

The person responsible for issuing a CoC for high-risk gasfitting is required to enter selected details of the work on the Electricity and Gas High-risk Database (EGHRD)(external link), within 20 working days of issuing the CoC.

Maintenance management systems

A maintenance management system that records the information required on a CoC as part of the normal operation or maintenance of the installation, for example an industrial plant, satisfies the requirements for certification. Refer to Regulation 46(5).

An electronic signature or similar that uniquely identifies the person responsible for the work is acceptable.