This page provides information and forms (applications, certificates and notices) related to amusement devices.

What are Amusement devices?

Amusement devices include any fairground rides and any other mechanically-powered unit that is used for rider entertainment. These include but are not limited to:

  • Bumper boats
  • Bumper cars
  • Bungee jumping (when a mobile crane and platform are used)
  • Can-Am cars
  • Fairground machinery (eg merry-go-rounds, Ferris wheels, roller coasters etc)
  • Indoor go-kart operations
  • Jet skis (if in a restricted area)
  • Minibikes (three and four wheel all-terrain vehicles)

Land-borne inflatable devices, such as bouncy castles, inflatable slides etc; and water-borne inflatable devices, such as inflatable islands, platforms and water balls; are not defined as an amusement device in regulations and therefore are not required to be registered. However, operators of these inflatable devices do have duties and responsibilities under the law.

More information can be found in our technical bulletins:

Bulletin: Land-borne inflatable device operating requirements (PDF 381 KB)
Bulletin: Requirements for operating water-borne inflatable devices (PDF 330 KB)

Registration of amusement devices

Amusement devices must be registered with us by the device owner, after the device has been certified by a registered engineer. The device owner must also obtain a permit to operate from the local authority.

Email queries relating to registration of amusement devices to us at amusementdeviceregistration@worksafe.govt.nz

A list of registered amusement devices can be found in the document below:

Amusement device register – July 2024 (PDF 176 KB)

Always use an operator that can demonstrate that they have registered their device so it can then be permitted by the local authority as required.

Before you can operate the amusement device, you must obtain all of the following. Allow sufficient time to obtain:

  • Engineer’s Examination
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Permit to operate

What is required before operating an amusement device?

1. Engineer’s Examination

Certificate of Examination from a registered engineer (who holds a current practising certificate) confirming that the device has been examined in accordance with the regulations and can be operated safely;
Some suitably qualified engineers (who are known to work with amusement devices) are listed on Recreation Safety Engineering Group(external link) website. Other CPEng (Mechanical) chartered engineers are also qualified for this work.

Certificate of examination of amusement device (PDF 42 KB)

2. Certificate of Registration

Complete and provide the following to WorkSafe New Zealand, PO Box 165, Wellington 6140:

  • Application for Registration of an Amusement Device and
  • at least two photographs, minimum size 150 mm by 100 mm, each showing the whole of the device and taken from different positions

Remember to include the prescribed fee of $34.50.

Provided the applicant has supplied all the information requested their application should be processed by WorkSafe within 20 working days (4 weeks).

Application for registration of an amusement device (PDF 55 KB)

3. Permit to Operate

Every permit application must be made at least 3 days before the applicant intends to use the amusement device and if the device is re-sited, then a new permit is required.

  • Book an amusement device inspection, and
  • Complete and provide an application for a permit to operate an amusement device to the appropriate Territorial Authority (Council).

Remember to include The current Certificate of Registration – specific to the device (see above); and the prescribed fee:

  • For 1 device, for the first 7 days of proposed operation or part thereof, $11.50
  • For each additional device operated by the same owner, for the first 7 days or part thereof, $2.30
  • For each device, $1.15 for each further period of 7 days or part thereof

The permit will only be issued when the local authority is satisfied that the device has current registration and can be operated on the proposed site, without danger to operators, users and others in the vicinity. A local authority may cancel a permit if, in its opinion, the device to which it relates cannot be operated safely.

Application for a permit to operate an amusement device (PDF 41 KB)

What other obligations apply?

The owner has an obligation to notify WorkSafe in the following circumstances:

Repairs or Alterations

Notice of repair or alteration to an amusement device (PDF 48 KB)

Accidents or Incidents

Notification of accident or incident involving amusement device (PDF 40 KB)