This page contains information on possible breaches of COVID-19 Orders since the 18 August Delta outbreak which have been raised with WorkSafe.

In this instance, a possible breach refers to requirements under COVID-19 orders within workplaces. These can include issues around face mask use, physical distancing requirements, QR code compliance and others. You can find information about public health requirements for businesses and organisations at various Alert Levels on our COVID-19 page. It does not relate to breaches of Alert Level borders. These are handled by NZ Police.

This page is updated each Thursday.

Possible breaches currently open, closed

Total recorded: 2607 (+320)

Total open: 195 

Total closed: 2412 (+258)

Table 1: Location of possible breaches

Region Number of notifications
Northland 97 (+12)
North Shore 349 (+39)
Central Auckland  475 (+64)
South Auckland 259 (+25)
Waikato 178 (+18)
Bay of Plenty  198 (+31)
Hawke's Bay  67 (+3)
Gisborne  13 (+1)
Taranaki 63 (+12)
Central North Island  124 (+13)
Wellington region  246 (+34)
Tasman region 74 (+9)
Canterbury and West Coast  325 (+42)
Otago 77 (+12)
Southland 62 (+5)

Note: Information in this table is based on the office the breaches are assigned to for review. In some instances where a breach has occurred in an area close to a regional boundary it may be allocated to the nearest office, although the office may not be in the region where the potential breach occurred.

Table 2: Possible breaches by month, 2021

Month of incident Notifications
January  92
February 168
March 220
April 27
May 24
June 38
July 10
August  706
September  1444
October  472
Total 3201