There is no difference between an individual and a large retail chain when it comes to the legal obligations for selling gas products. All sellers must comply with the Gas (Safety & Measurement) Regulations 2010.

If you want to sell a gas appliance in New Zealand it must be safe. With a few exceptions, all gas appliances less than ten years old must have a supplier declaration of compliance (SDoC) in the gas appliance supplier declaration database(external link)

[image] Icon showing red tick mark enclosed in black and red flame symbol
Gas safety compliance label

The SDoC must be completed by the importer or the New Zealand manufacturer prior to supply and it is an offence not to do so. Appliances sold under the certification requirements of the 2010 regulations must also carry a safety compliance label. Suppliers of new products should seek professional advice before offering them for sale.

It is also an offence to sell a gas appliance without it being compliant. A licensed gasfitter will not install an appliance that is not compliant and does not have either the compliance label or an SDoC.

You cannot sell a second hand gas appliance 'as is'. You must ensure so far as is reasonably practicable that it is safe.

The following things should be considered in any safety assessment:

  • free from mechanical hazards
  • adequate means of support and shall be stable or remain safe when subjected to external forces
  • any gas leakage shall not give rise to a hazardous situation
  • parts shall not reach temperatures which create a hazard
  • remain safe under New Zealand climatic conditions
  • operate safely at all specified gas supply pressures
  • not cause a dangerous situation to develop when subjected to an overpressure
  • be electrically safe (if appropriate)
  • products of combustion shall be of a composition, and be discharged in such a manner, as to present no health or fire hazard
  • burners shall allow reliable and complete ignition, reignition and cross-lighting
  • shall have no flame abnormality (flame lift, lightback, yellow tipping or sooting)
  • a data plate that provides information on make; model; gas type; input pressure and gas consumption
  • instructions for installation and safe use in English.

Note: A gas appliance supplied by mains electricity must have a New Zealand plug and be marked with 230 volts.