Find out how a SafePlus assessment helped GJ Gardner Manukau create a wellness programme to support their staff's mental health.

GJ Gardner's mental health and wellness programme was developed in response to a SafePlus assessment which highlighted work - related stress as an area they needed to improve.

The programme is based on the Five Ways of Wellbeing(external link) and includes initiatives such as a gumboot toss and cooking for Ronald McDonald House. The programme has helped bring everyone together, and normalise the conversation around mental health.

Before SafePlus, mental health was spoken about, but not to the same extent. They had staff who had to regularly take time off work, which led to more stress as other staff members had to fill in those roles. Since the programme was implemented, staff are more comfortable asking each other how they're feeling or reaching out for support. GJ Gardner has also seen an increase in productivity and engagement, and absenteeism has reduced.

"Anybody out there looking to do the mental health and wellbeing program, we would say just jump on and do it. It doesn't take long, it doesn't cost much, the engagement and the feedback from your staff that you get, it is worth it 100%." - Rachel Soakell, Franchise Owner, GJ Gardner Homes Manukau

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