The purpose of this media advisory is to clarify WorkSafe’s role following last Tuesday’s fire at the SkyCity Convention Centre.

1. Investigation

1.1 We have not launched an investigation at this point.

1.2 WorkSafe is in the very early stages of its initial inquiries into the fire at the Convention Centre.

1.3 Our current inquiries will determine what our next steps will be.

1.4 If and when WorkSafe decides an investigation is warranted, we will advise media.

1.5 There are multiple agencies involved in the post-event work and WorkSafe will continue to support other agencies involved.

2. ‘Signing off’ on resumption of work

2.1 WorkSafe has not signed off on a resumption of work at the site. WorkSafe does not sign-off sites as fit for return to work.

2.2 Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, it is the responsibility of a business to manage risks to its workers as far as is reasonably practicable – not WorkSafe’s.

2.3 At Sky City’s request a senior occupational hygienist attended a short briefing on Saturday. Nothing provided in that briefing gave WorkSafe cause for concern, but this does not amount to ‘signing off’ on a resumption of work.

3. WorkSafe ‘report’

3.1 Some media are reporting a union leader saying he has not seen a ‘WorkSafe report’. There is no such report.

WorkSafe published advice for employers following the fire.