This safety alert highlights the need to maintain, inspect and re-certify permanently installed anchorages for rope access and fall arrest systems after installation.


Permanently installed anchorages and lifeline systems need to be maintained, inspected and re-certified after installation in accordance with guidelines.

If these systems are not competently maintained, there is a serious risk of a fall from height which could result in death.

WorkSafe has identified that many PCBUs with influence and responsibility for buildings that have these systems are not aware of these requirements.

Who is this alert for?

PCBUs who have influence or control of buildings with permanently installed height safety systems, such as:

  • building owners
  • facilities managers
  • property managers.

PCBUs who are likely to use height safety systems on buildings as part of their work, such as:

  • maintenance and service contractors
  • building and window washers
  • technicians and installers.

Our advice

All permanently installed anchorage and lifeline systems should comply with the Industrial Rope Access in New Zealand Guidelines and referenced Standards.

They should be inspected and re-certified at least annually by a competent person and form part of the overall maintenance and inspection programme.

The inspections should be carried out in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions or the relevant sections of AS/NZS 1891.4:2009.

The person inspecting and re-certifying should have available, and be shown, the documentation verifying that a Chartered Professional Engineer has designed and approved the system.

People using these systems such as maintenance workers and service contractors should:

  • ensure that any anchor point or lifeline system has been re-certified within the last year, and
  • inspect any anchor point or system before use for any signs of damage or wear.

Where can you find more information?

Industrial Rope Access in New Zealand [PDF, 1.7 MB]
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Safety alert: Maintaining, inspecting and re-certifying permanent anchorage systems (PDF 154 KB)