There is a range of specific COVID-19 mental health guidance available for people, including for those working from home.

It is important to maintain a mentally healthy work environment in the home, as many workers may choose flexible working arrangements.

We have developed our own guidance for businesses, organisations, and workers, on how to manage mental health risks when working from home. This information is useful for both regular working from home arrangements, and during unusual situations such as a lockdown.

Staying mentally healthy when working from home

Mental health when working at home: for PCBUs

The Ministry of Health also has a comprehensive list of online mental health and wellbeing resources:

Mental health and wellbeing resources(external link)

Other resources include:

Coping with COVID-19(external link)  

Mental Health Foundation: Looking after mental health and wellbeing during COVID-19(external link)

Mental health at work during COVID-19(external link)

Getting Through Together(external link): shares ways to help people cope with the stress of COVID-19. It includes the Sparklers at Home tool to support parents to talk with primary-aged children about mental health and wellbeing.

Many employers will have Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) services that staff can access for counselling. Most counsellors have set themselves up for online/telephone sessions. If employers do not have EAP arrangements for staff, we encourage employers to let staff know that trained counsellors can be accessed for free by phoning or texting 1737.