We are proactively releasing the titles of briefings and aides-memoire sent to the office of the Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety.

Note that some information has been withheld for the reason of Confidential advice to Government.

Date sent to Minister's office Title of briefing
21 December 2021 [Aide Memoire] Work-Related Health update
17 December 2021 [Joint Briefing] Action Leadership Council Stakeholder Engagement Update
10 December 2021 [Aide Memoire] Meeting with Health and Safety Association of New Zealand – Bronwyn Presland, Executive Director and Mike O’Brien, Independent Chair
6 December 2021 [Aide Memoire] Meeting with Government Health and Safety Lead Interns
19 November 2021 [Aide Memoire] Construction Accord Ministers Meeting – Thriving people through thriving innovation
19 November 2021 [Aide Memoire] title withheld
11 November 2021 [Aide Memoire] WorkSafe NZ’s COVID-19 role
11 November 2021 [Aide Memoire] Providing early learnings from fatalities to industry bodies
3 November 2021 [Briefing] Minister’s priorities by 2023 for the health and safety system in Aotearoa - update
28 Oct 2021 [Aide Memoire] COVID-19 funding for industry leadership bodies - round two funding outcomes
28 Oct 2021 [Aide Memoire] Towards 2020 - progress towards the 2020 work-related injury reduction targets: Serious Injury Outcome Indicators data release for 2020
19 Oct 2021 [Briefing] Review of temporary suspensions of compliance certifiers’ authorisations by WorkSafe New Zealand
18 Oct 2021 [Aide Memoire] Meeting with NZ Professional Firefighters Union
15 Oct 2021 [Aide Memoire] Meeting with GM Safety Forum Steering Group on 21 October 2021
14 Oct 2021 [Aide Memoire] Transitioning the WorkSafe fleet towards carbon neutral by 2025/26
13 Oct 2021 [Aide Memoire] Meeting with FICA Chief Executive Officer
11 Oct 2021 [Briefing] Occupational health gaps and barriers in the current health system
29 Sept 2021 [Aide Memoire] WorkSafe’s approach to COVID-19 vaccinations for its own workers
20 Sept 2021 [Aide Memoire] Advice on Forestry initiatives that would benefit from Ministerial support
17 Sept 2021 [Aide Memoire] Meeting with Business Leaders Health and Safety Forum
3 Sept 2021 [Aide Memoire] Operationalising the new record-keeping duty
20 August 2021 [Aide Memoire] Regulating health and safety professions and the inclusion of occupational health in the health sector
17 August 2021 WorkSafe New Zealand Quarter 4 Report – 2020/2021
13 August 2021 [Aide Memoire] Regulatory Risk for WorkSafe NZ – An Overview
4 August 2021 [Aide Memoire] Safe work instrument for approval – additional pesticides subject to transport restrictions
2 August 2021 [Briefing] Establishing a Health and Safety Action Leadership Council
30 July 2021 [Briefing] Minister's Priorities by 2023 for the Health and Safety System in Aotearoa
26 July 2021 [Meeting Briefing] Meeting with Selena Armstrong, Robyn Bennett and Mike Cosman of New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (NZISM)
23 July 2021 [Aide Memoire] Implementation of actions from WorkSafe's Adventure Activities Health Check
30 June 2021 [Aide Memoire] Additional Information on Health, Safety and Wellness in the Forestry Sector
29 June 2021 [Aide Memoire] Attendance at NZ Young Farmer of the Year Grand Final
18 June 2021 [Aide Memoire] WorkSafe SPE 2021/22 – Updated Performance Framework
15 June 2021 [Aide Memoire] Meeting with Forestry Industry Safety Council on 17 June 2021
3 June 2021 [Briefing] Safe Work Instruments for Approval
28 May 2021 [Aide Memoire] Improving Health and Safety Outcomes Through Government Procurement
27 May 2021 [Aide Memoire] Business Leaders Health & Safety Forum meeting 28 May
27 May 2021 [Aide Memoire] 2021 Safeguard National Health & Safety Conference and 2021 New Zealand Workplace Health & Safety Awards – 1 June 2021
25 May 2021 [Aide Memoire] Academic group seeking funding for independent research
5 May 2021 [Aide Memoire] Health, Safety and Wellness in Forestry Sector
3 May 2021 [Aide Memoire] Meeting with Government Health & Safety Lead (MPI) on 5 May 2021
30 April 2021 [Briefing and Letter] WorkSafe’s draft Statement of Intent 2021/22 – 2024/25 and draft Statement of Performance Expectations 2021/22
30 April 2021 [Aide Memoire] Minister's visit to National office
19 April 2021  [Aide Memoire] Meeting with MATES in Construction CEO and Board Chair on 20 April 2021 at 8am
9 April 2021 [Briefing] WorkSafe New Zealand – Whakaari/White Island Budget Bid
8 April 2021 [Aide Memoire] Transpower Gala Dinner and STAR Awards, Thursday 15 April 2021, 6.30–10.00pm
7 April 2021 [Aide Memoire] Accelerated silicosis in engineered stone workers and regulatory options 
29 March 2021  [Aide Memoire] Meeting with Peter Scanlan WorksafeReps on Tuesday 30 March 2021
25 March 2021  [Aide Memoire] Meeting with Health and Safety Association of New Zealand on Wednesday 31 March 2021
25 March 2021 [Aide Memoire] Meeting with Karen Williams National Vice-President of Federated Farmers on Tuesday 30 March 2021
25 March 2021 [Aide Memoire] Meeting with Mike Cosman, Chair of New Zealand Institute of Safety Management and Partner at CosmanParkes on Tuesday 30 March 2021
12 March 2021 WorkSafe Quarterly Report to the Minister – High level summary of Quarter Two Report 2020/2021
21 January 2021 [Aide Memoire] Mentally Healthy Work - Suicide in the Construction Industry
16 December 2020 [Aide memoire] WorkSafe B19 Modernisation Programme – Assurance of Action Plan Gateway Review Outcomes
15 December 2020 [Aide Memoire] Whakaari victim and family support and WorkSafe’s wider victim services function
11 December 2020 [Aide memoire] Towards 2020 – Progress towards the 2020 acute injury target
8 December 2020 WorkSafe Quarterly Report Q1 (Summary Version)
3 December 2020 [Briefing] WorkSafe’s draft Annual Report 2019/2020
3 December 2020 [Briefing] Hazardous substances safe work instruments for approval
26 November 2020 [Aide Memoire] Proactive release of the WorkSafe Briefing to Incoming Minister
23 November 2020 [Aide Memoire] Visit to WorkSafe Board Strategy Meeting on Wednesday 25 November 2020
18 November 2020 [Briefing] Meeting with the Pike River Family Reference Group on the 10 year Anniversary of the Pike River tragedy
9 November 2020 [Aide Memoire] Pike River Recovery Agency and Re-entry
6 November 2020 [Event Briefing] Safeguard Health and Safety Awards Dinner – 11 November 2020
2 November 2020 [Briefing] Briefing to the Incoming Minister