If you have a concern about an unsafe or unhealthy work situation, use this form to raise your concern with us.

COVID-19 concerns

If your concern is related to COVID-19, advice for businesses and workers is available on the COVID-19.govt.nz website. (external link)Please check there before you contact us.

To report COVID-19 compliance breaches, please use the COVID-19 breach form(external link).


Please read this first

We have listed a series of questions you need to consider before raising a health and safety concern with us on on the raise a health and safety concern page

If your concern is related to mental health at work we now have a separate raise a mentally healthy work concern form. A mentally healthy work concern could relate work-related stress, fatigue, workplace bullying, violence at work or sexual harrassment.
Details about location and situation
Please enter the name of the business you have a concern about.
Be precise. If you do not have a business name and there is no address, we cannot respond.
Please provide details about the situation and the specific risks you have a concern about
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Enter numbers only, without spaces.

What happens next? 

We will assess the concern and take action based on the information provided. For more information on how we respond refer to When will WorkSafe Intervene.

Please note that we do not routinely contact people who have reported a concern to us to advise them of the outcome.