This guidance for PCBUs provides advice on how to manage the psychosocial (mental health) risks for workers who are working from home. There is also an infographic available that summarises some of the information in this guidance.

For the purposes of this guidance, a worker who is ‘working from home’ is someone who does office-type work in their home or an equivalent location, rather than at their PCBU’s premises.

This includes an employee that works from home on a part- or full-time basis, or a contractor engaged to carry out work.

Some of the guidance will also be relevant for workers who occasionally work on-the-go from various other locations (for example, from improvised settings such as a coffee shop or airport, or on a temporary basis from a co-working space or another city).

Mental health when working from home: for PCBUs (PDF 466 KB)
Working from home - infographic (PDF 338 KB)