Alternative names: ethanal, ethyl aldehyde
CAS numbers: 75-07-0

Acetic acid

Alternative names: ethanoic acid
CAS numbers: 64-19-7

Acetic anhydride

Alternative names: acetyl anhydride, acetyl acetate
CAS numbers: 108-24-7


Alternative names: 2-propanone, dimethyl ketone
CAS numbers: 67-64-1


Alternative names: methyl cyanide, cyanomethane
CAS numbers: 75-05-8


Alternative names: ethyne, vinylene
CAS numbers: 74-86-2

Acetylene tetrabromide

Alternative names: 1,1,2,2-tetrabromoethane
CAS numbers: 79-27-6

Acetylsalicylic acid

Alternative names: aspirin
CAS numbers: 50-78-2


Alternative names: acrylaldehyde, 2-propenal
CAS numbers: 107-02-8


Alternative names: 2-propenamide
CAS numbers: 79-06-1

Acrylic acid

Alternative names: 2-propenoic acid
CAS numbers: 79-10-7


Alternative names: vinyl cyanide
CAS numbers: 107-13-1

Allyl alcohol

Alternative names: vinyl carbinol, 2-propen-1-ol
CAS numbers: 107-18-6

Allyl chloride

CAS numbers: 107-05-1

Allyl glycidyl ether

Alternative names: AGE
CAS numbers: 106-92-3

Aluminium metal dust and insoluble compounds (as Al)

Alternative names: aluminum
, aluminium, welding fumes
, aluminium, pyro powders
, α alumina (aluminium oxide)
CAS numbers: 7429-90-5


CAS numbers: 504-29-0


Alternative names: 3-amino-1,2,4- triazole, aminotriazole
CAS numbers: 61-82-5

Ammonia, Anhydrous

CAS numbers: 7664-41-7

Ammonium chloride fume

Alternative names: salmiac, sal ammoniac
CAS numbers: 12125-02-9

Ammonium perfluorooctanoate

Alternative names: ammonium perfluorocaprylate
CAS numbers: 3825-26-1

Ammonium sulphamate

CAS numbers: 7773-06-0

n-Amyl acetate

Alternative names: pentyl acetate
CAS numbers: 628-63-7

sec-Amyl acetate

Alternative names: 2-pentyl acetate, 1-methylbutyl acetate
CAS numbers: 626-38-0

Aniline and homologues

Alternative names: benzenamine, phenylamine, aminobenzene
CAS numbers: 62-53-3


Alternative names: 2-methoxyaniline
CAS numbers: 90-04-0


Alternative names: 4-methoxyaniline
CAS numbers: 104-94-9

Antimony and compounds, as Sb

CAS numbers: 7440-36-0

Antimony trioxide

CAS numbers: 1309-64-4


CAS numbers: 7440-37-1

Arsenic and soluble compounds, as As

CAS numbers: 7440-38-2


Alternative names: arsenic hydride, arsenic trihydride
CAS numbers: 7784-42-1

Asbestos (amosite)

Alternative names: brown asbestos
CAS numbers:

Asbestos (chrysotile)

Alternative names: white asbestos
CAS numbers: 12001-29-5, 132207-32-0

Asbestos (crocidolite)

Alternative names: blue asbestos
CAS numbers: 90-04-0

Asbestos (other forms)

Alternative names: actinolite, anthrophyllite, tremolite
CAS numbers: 77536-66-4

Asphalt (petroleum) fumes

CAS numbers: 8052-42-4


CAS numbers: 1912-24-9


CAS numbers: 86-50-0