Gas cylinders must be regularly inspected and tested to make sure they are safe for use. This inspection and testing is done by authorised test stations.

Who can apply to be an authorised test station?

To be authorised as a test station, the PCBU must operate in New Zealand, and be:

  • accredited to NZS/ISO/IEC 17025 by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ); or
  • a member of a body that is recognised by WorkSafe (currently the New Zealand Underwater Association (NZUA) is recognised by WorkSafe as a membership body for test stations which inspect and test non-composite SCUBA and breathing air cylinders); and
  • likely to ensure that the functions of a test station are performed in an impartial manner that promotes safety.

How do I apply for authorisation?

The PCBU, or a person authorised by the PCBU, must apply to WorkSafe for authorisation as a test station. The application must include a copy of either:

  • the test station’s IANZ letter of accreditation; or
  • confirmation it is a member of a body recognised by WorkSafe and audit results; and
  • a list of the names of each worker (signatory) at the test station who examines and certifies gas cylinders.
Application for authorisation as a test station (PDF 211 KB)

WorkSafe must keep a register of authorised test stations, including the location of the test station, the date authorisation was granted and any conditions imposed.

Information on the conditions imposed on test stations is available in the following guide.

Becoming a test station (PDF 161 KB)

How much does it cost?

A fee of $369 (including GST) applies to each application for test station authorisation.

Can an authorisation be suspended or cancelled?

WorkSafe may suspend an authorisation if it reasonably suspects information relating to the application to be false, misleading, or incomplete, or if the work of the test station does not ensure the safety of cylinders. The authorisation may be cancelled if WorkSafe finds the test station is not operating to the required standard or is no longer accredited or a member of a recognised body.