This page answers questions related to asbestos licensing. General asbestos FAQs are covered on other pages.

The requirement in the regulations is intended to ensure there is no potential for a conflict of interest when carrying out air monitoring or clearance for licensed asbestos removal work.

For example, there is a conflict of interest where the assessor is an employee of the same company or business group that commissioned or conducts the removal.

Or, there could be a potential conflict of interest where an asbestos assessor is contracted to provide other types of services to the business doing the removal work (ie. the assessor has another type of business relationship with the removal business).

You can apply for an asbestos removal licence from WorkSafe.

Maintenance or servicing work involving asbestos is allowed under the regulations, and will usually not require a licence. This work must still be done safely and in accordance with the regulatory requirements for asbestos related work.

If the maintenance or servicing work involves the removal of more than 10m2 of non-friable asbestos, or any amount of friable asbestos, the work must be carried out by a licensed asbestos removalist.

Supervisors will need formal training by 4 April 2018 whether they have a Certificate of Competence (CoC), or not.

Private training organisations will run the formal training (not WorkSafe).

For a pipe you’d use the external surface area of the pipe. You can work this out by multiplying the outside circumference of the pipe by its length. This equals the surface area in square metres.

The external surface area of a pipe is calculated according to the following equation:


        π x diameter (m)

= Max length (m)

 No licence required


Example 1:  For a 100mm (0.1m) pipe that is 10m in length -

3.14 x 0.1m x 10m

= 3.14m2

 No licence requred

For a 250mm (0.25m) pipe that is 15m in length –

3.14 x 0.25m x 15m

= 11.77m2

 Licence required

Example 2:  Maximum length of 100mm (0.1m) pipe that can be removed without a licence -

10 (m2)

3.14 x 0.1 (m)

= 31.84m

 No licence required

Maximum length of 250mm (0.25m) pipe that can be removed without a licence

10 (m2)

3.14 x 0.25 (m)

= 12.73m2

 No licence required