We have produced guidance intended to provide sufficient mandatory rules, recommendations and commentary to enable shallow geothermal wells to be drilled and operated safely.

Shallow geothermal well systems: safe operation of wells 150m deep

Shallow geothermal well systems sets out the requirements for design and work practice necessary to ensure the safe drilling, operation, maintenance and abandonment of wells penetrating hot subsurface conditions to a depth of 150 metres, however where subsurface conditions are not expected to be severe, compliance with these guidelines may be extended to those wells drilled to a depth not exceeding 250 metres.

These guidelines apply particularly to the volcanic regions and geothermal industry of New Zealand, but are expected to be suitable for use in other countries.

Shallow geothermal well systems (PDF 4.5 MB)
Shallow geothermal well systems - Chinese (PDF 807 KB)
Shallow geothermal well systems - Korean (PDF 705 KB)