What would you like to notify WorkSafe about?


If there has been a death, call WorkSafe immediately.
Call 0800 030 040 (24/7)

COVID-19 breach

To report COVID-19 compliance breaches, please use the COVID-19 breach form

Do you need to notify?

You need to notify WorkSafe if a serious injury, illness, or incident happened to a person or people carrying out work, or as a result of work that your business or organisation is responsible for.

If you're unsure of what needs to be notified please read our guide What events need to be notified?

Our ‘Notify WorkSafe’ tool will guide you through a series of questions to assist you with providing all of the information we require.

Other notifications

Hazardous work – use this form to notify us of particular hazardous work. 

Raise a health or safety concern – if you have a concern about an unsafe or unhealthy work situation that could lead to a death or serious injury or illness, then you can contact us and raise your concerns.

Raise a mentally healthy work concern – if the business or organisation you work for is not meeting their obligations to look after your mental health at work, you can use this form to raise a concern with WorkSafe.

Make a protected disclosure – if you want to blow the whistle on a serious wrongdoing by the organisation you work (or have worked) for, you can make a protected disclosure to WorkSafe.

Electrical and gas non-workplace event – use this to notify us of a non-workplace electricity or gas accident, including a non workplace death.

Electrical and gas product appliance complaint form – use this to notify us if you have a complaint about an electrical or gas product.

Electrical and gas installation fault notice form – use this to notify us about a electrical or gas installation fault. 

Asbestos removal – use this form to notify us of upcoming licensed asbestos removal work

Major Hazard Facilities – use this form if your major hazard facility has specified hazardous substances present or are likely to be present. 

Extractives – use these forms to notify us of mining, tunnelling and quarry and alluvial mine high risk activities 

Petroleum – use this form if you are a drilling contractor or permit operator and need to notify us of certiain well operations.

Geothermal – use these forms if you are bore owner or manager and need to notify us or apply for a consent. 

Commissioning of hazardous substance location or transit depot – use this form if you need notify us before commissioning a hazardous substance location or a tranist depot.