We recently completed a successful continuing professional development (CPD) review consultation. After considering feedback and submissions, we are pleased to announce new CPD requirements.

The requirement for continuing professional development (CPD) was introduced on 1 January 2016 by WorkSafe and was set out in the following gazette notice:

At the time the CPD requirements were introduced, the New Zealand Mining Board of Examiners (the Board) also noted that they would review the requirements in a few years’ time to ensure they were fair, reasonable and fit for purpose.

Consultation process

Ten workshops were held around the country as part of the consultation. At these workshops, participants were given an opportunity in small groups at the end to provide their feedback. Written submissions were also sought and provided with feedback welcomed from individuals, businesses and industry associations.

Active engagement by industry in consultation ensures a robust process and that the proposed changes are fair, reasonable and fit for purpose. The feedback received and suggestions made were genuinely insightful, helpful and well appreciated by the Board. The Board was heartened to note very strong feedback on the value and benefits of CPD and that there was no desire to dilute CPD requirements, rather to ensure that the requirements allowed enough flexibility for CoC holders to complete their requirements.

Your feedback

The Board considered the feedback and submissions at their July meeting and concluded that the initial proposed changes did not go far enough to address significant issues uncovered during the consultation process. They then completely reviewed the CPD framework and developed a new framework that is robust and yet takes into account industry feedback. After recommending the new framework to WorkSafe, the implementation of the new framework was approved. 

Targeted consultation was also undertaken with key stakeholders on the revised CPD framework with positive feedback received. Work is currently underway to draft a new gazette notice - it is intended that this will be published in December and take effect from 1 February 2020.

CPD changes

The following changes will be implemented:

  • Removal of annual hourly requirements, CoC holders can complete their CPD hours over 5 years with no conditions.
  • Removal of formal and informal activities and the introduction of unrestricted and restricted activities.
  • Removal of claimable hours limits – except for the limited list of restricted activities.
  • Removal of hourly requirements for the four competencies however still a requirement to record CPD activities in a competency.
  • Removal of specialist requirements for first class coal mine manager, coal mine underviewer and coal mine deputy.
  • Requirement for evidence for all CPD activities (unrestricted and restricted) – with clarification on what evidence is acceptable.
  • Revise CPD logbook to accommodate changes and encourage emphasis on the components of CPD – maintenance, broadening and improving of knowledge and understanding, skills and personal qualities, and on key learnings. There will be the ability to use a WorkSafe endorsed logbook.

Transitional arrangements

WorkSafe and the Board acknowledge the difficulties for industry when CPD was introduced. Initially there was confusion and difficulty in understanding the requirements and for some, very limited opportunities to attend CPD activities.

For that reason, CoC holders are able to disregard the CPD requirements applying to the two years following their introduction on 1 January 2016 (i.e. 1 January 2016 to 1 January 2018) and are only required to meet the requirements on a pro rata basis for the remaining period of their CoC. The following formulae will apply:

  • If you have a CoC which requires 120 hrs CPD, multiply the number of months the CoC was held prior to January 2018 by 2 and subtract from 120.
  • If you have a CoC which requires 60 hrs CPD, multiply the number of months the CoC was held prior to January 2018 by 1subtract from 60.

Further information

There will be further information coming out as milestones are met such as the development of the guidelines and drafting of the gazette notice. Those CoC holders that are due to renew their CoC in 2020 will be contacted in the near future to ensure they are fully prepared with the right information to apply for the renewal of their CoC/s.

Drafting guidelines and logbook workshop

The Board and Secretariat would also like to work with a small group of industry representatives as part of an advisory group to draft the CPD Guidelines and revise the CPD logbook. This will ensure all guidance and documentation is relevant and understandable to all CoC holders. 

If you would like to be considered, think you can articulate the needs of industry when using guidance and documentation, and would be available to attend a workshop for the day on 7 November, please email the Secretariat.

Unrestricted and restricted activities

With the removal of formal and informal activities, we have introduced unrestricted and restricted activities. 

The following list of activities have no claimable hours limits and could be considered by a CoC holder as suitable CPD activities but this list is not definitive. Note: normal daily duties and business as usual activities are not considered CPD.

  • Attending industry seminars, workshops, trainings and conference workshops such as those run by industry or related organisations.
  • Attending industry representative meetings, such as but not confined to advisory groups, industry or specialist boards, panels of examiners membership, technical committees.
  • Attending equipment manufacturers’ training including simulator training.
  • Attendance at relevant webinars.
  • Delivering industry seminars, training or workshops.
  • Delivering or attending in-house training.
  • Design, construction, improvement, or significant overhaul of bespoke equipment or installations.
  • Developing or reviewing of critical health and safety documents associated with Health and Safety Management Systems such as but not confined to Principal Hazard Management Plans, Principal Control Plans, Health and Safety Policies, Standard Operating Procedures etc.
  • First Aid Certificate training.
  • Participation in formal facilitated risk assessments that are not day-to day activities such as task focused risk assessment e.g. Take 5 or JSA.
  • Participation as a team member in formal incident investigation(s) that use a root cause analysis process.
  • Participation in emergency exercises.
  • Presenting a paper(s) at a relevant industry conference (includes reasonable content preparation).
  • Publication of articles in relevant industry magazines or journals or similar.
  • Relevant field trips that result in significant learning.
  • Successfully completing formal training courses or tertiary qualifications including degrees and industry training qualifications, by fulfilling all course requirements.
  • Verifiable participation in any other activity within the CPD competencies where new knowledge  and/or skills relevant to the CoC type have been learnt.


The maximum total hours that can be claimed for the following CPD activities are:

  • 20 hours over 5 years for those CoCs that require 120 hours over 5 years.
  • 10 hours over 5 years for those CoCs that require 60 hours over 5 years.
  • 5 hours over 5 years for those CoCs that require 40 or 30 hours over 5 years.

This includes:

  • Formal recognised one-on-one mentoring with a structured programme of meetings.
  • Listening to relevant podcasts.
  • Participation in health and safety committee meetings that have minuted outcomes.
  • Reading relevant publications, including but not confined to learned or technical articles, technical publications, conference papers.
  • Visiting relevant conference trade exhibits or industry expos.

The maximum amount that can be claimed for the following CPD activity is 4 hours per activity:

  • Attending relevant industry conferences. These must be relevant to the Certificate of Competence holder and this is in addition to any conference workshops attended.

Contact us 

If you have any questions about the new CPD requirements, please contact our Board Secretariat Team who are happy to help:

Phone: +64 4 901 4980 or

Email: BoE_Secretariat@worksafe.govt.nz