When a WorkSafe Inspector Nigel Formosa highlighted a carbon monoxide hazard at Plumbing World in Hastings, leading to company-wide changes.

During an inspection, Nigel alerted management to risks of an LPG-powered forklift, used in an inward goods area, potentially without adequate ventilation. Plumbing World had the forklift tested, finding carbon monoxide emissions were well above acceptable levels.

Nigel built a relationship with the branch and Plumbing World’s National Health and Safety Advisor, providing them with information and technical material.

The company carried out exposure testing and made alterations, where needed, at all branches using these types of forklifts inside to make sure they keep within acceptable emission levels. It also commissioned a formal training guide for forklift use and reviewed PPE use and certain work methods nationally.

“You need to trust your instinct and keep highlighting the issues with those who have influence,” said Nigel. “Keeping pushing can lead to large scale organisational awareness, mindset change, operational improvements and ultimately a healthier environment.”