Clear communication with staff and customers is a key part of Lashings’ strategy to manage the risk of COVID-19. The small Wellington-based bakery uses its social media platforms and website to ensure customers know what is expected of them when coming into store.

“From the get-go we have been really open and transparent, not only with staff, but customers as well on our COVID-19 Protocols,” explains owner-operator Jackie.  

“Prior to opening under Level 2 we wanted to make sure customers were aware of what they needed to do when they came in to protect both them and our staff.”

Lashings’ social media posts prior to Alert Level 2 outlined the need for face coverings, as well as the limited seating available in the café.

“Our café has communal seating, so we needed to remove some chairs to make sure there was adequate spacing between customers. We’re used to this by now, but it is still really important to communicate clearly with our team and customers to keep everyone as safe as possible.”

Working with staff on their COVID-19 protocols is also a big part of Lashings’ management process. Prior to opening the team communicated with each other through a group chat, and staff were encouraged to give their ideas on what they could do to protect people and operate safely.

“We’re a small tight-knit team and have a big focus on community within our business, so whilst it was important that our staff knew what was expected of them before they came in, it was equally important to let them feedback and contribute on the new processes.

“The group chat is a great way for us to share ideas on what we can do in the café but, more than that, it’s a great way for us to check in with each other, too. The well-being of my team is of utmost importance to me.”