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Hazardous Substances Regulations

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Hazardous Substances Regulations

The Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017 will be introduced on 1 December 2017. They target the reduction of harm from work-related activities involving hazardous substances.

The regulations apply to all businesses that manufacture, use, handle or store these substances – that’s about one in three businesses in New Zealand.

Getting started

Know what you’ve got

Know the risks

Manage the risks

Key controls and tools to get you started

[image] inventory

You must have, and maintain, a list of hazardous substances used, handled, manufactured or stored at your workplace...

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[image] safety data sheets

Safety data sheets provide important information about your hazardous substances. You must have a current one for each hazardous substance in your workplace...

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[image] risk management

You need to know the risks associated with hazardous substances in your workplace, take appropriate measures to manage the risks and review these regularly...

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[image] emergency preparation

You, your workers, and emergency service workers need to know what to do - and who is responsible for what - in an emergency...

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[image] training and informing workers

Everyone who works with hazardous substances needs the knowledge and practical experience to do so safely...

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[image] labels

Labels are placed on hazardous substances containers so that people know what's inside and can take the correct precautionary measures...

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[image] signs

Place signs at key points such as entranceways, and on buildings, or in outdoor areas, where substances are used or stored. Clear, concise information helps people approach with care...

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[image] storage

Store your hazardous substances safely. Where and how you store hazardous substances will depend on the type of substance and the amount you have...

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[image] highly hazardous substances

Some substances, or quantities, require extra measures to ensure safety. For example, find out more about: