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How well do you understand each of the core HSWA concepts? Take a quiz to find out.

Please note: these quizzes have been developed to work on the latest versions of most modern web browsers. If you are having problems viewing the quizzes on your browser, you may need to update to the latest version or switch to a different web browser.  

HSWA general

Test your knowledge about HSWA - New Zealand's workplace health and safety law.

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Primary duty of care

Test your knowledge about the primary duty of care.

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Directors' responsibilities

Test your knowledge of officers and the duty of due diligence.

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Overlapping duties

Test your knowledge of the overlapping duties concept.

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Worker engagement and participation

Test your knowledge and understanding of the worker engagement and participation concept.

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Notifiable events

Test your knowledge about Notifiable events.

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Last updated 30 June 2016