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Exemptions under HSWA
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Exemptions under HSWA

Granting an exemption

WorkSafe may exempt any person, or class of persons, from compliance with any provision of regulations. This applies to all regulations made under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

WorkSafe considers exemptions on a case by case basis and may grant an exemption with terms and conditions attached. All exemptions granted by WorkSafe will be notified in the Gazette and published on WorkSafe’s website.


Applying for an exemption

Applicants should complete this form to request an exemption (or an amendment to an exemption).

Application for exemption (or amendment to exemption) [PDF 46KB]


An application for an exemption must specify the exemption being sought and if applicable demonstrate how safety will be ensured if the exemption is granted. Supporting information should be attached to the application.

Please send your completed application to WorkSafe New Zealand:



WorkSafe New Zealand
CAR Team
PO Box 165
Wellington 6140

Last updated 26 September 2017