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[image] Prosecutions homepage.

WorkSafe New Zealand actively enforces the law by a number of means, including the prosecution of alleged offenders in appropriate cases. WorkSafe’s objective in prosecuting is to deter non-compliance with the laws that it is responsible for enforcing. Prosecution action ensures that those who breach the law are held to account, and assists in promoting good health and safety values and practices.

Decisions to prosecute, and whether or not to continue with prosecutions, will be made fairly, consistently and proportionately to the seriousness of the behaviour. They have serious implications for victims, witnesses and defendants and the New Zealand public is entitled to rely on WorkSafe to ensure that its prosecutions are carried out in such a manner.

The information made available through this website is intended to further WorkSafe’s objectives in

  • Making known the fact and circumstances of non-compliance with health and safety laws;
  • Providing information as to how compliance in those cases might have been achieved;
  • Giving transparency in relation to the prosecution action that is taken by WorkSafe.


Last updated 23 February 2016


On Monday 4 April 2016, the New Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) came into effect.

HSWA repeals the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, with immediate effect.

All references to the 1992 Act on this website and within our guidance will be progressively removed.