Domestic violence - or family violence – includes physical, sexual or psychological abuse in family and intimate relationships. The Domestic Violence Victims’ Protection Act came into force at the beginning of April 2019. It enhances legal protections at work for people affected by domestic or family violence.

There are a range of risks at work that can affect a worker’s health. They include: psychosocial (including bullying and harassment), biological, physical, ergonomic, and chemical risks. Work-related health is about the impact work can have on people’s health, and the impact a person’s health can have on their or others’ safety at work. 

Under the Domestic Violence Victims’ Protection Act, businesses are now required to support victims of domestic violence by providing for domestic violence leave and flexible working arrangements. Businesses must make sure all workers know these arrangements are in place. Employment New Zealand(external link) has general information about the new law, what businesses are required to do, and what workers are entitled to.

For what to include in your work policy, go to’s workplace policy builder(external link).