The Harm Reduction Action Plan shows what ACC and WorkSafe are each doing to make the biggest impact to reduce work fatalities and potentially fatal work injuries in New Zealand.

WorkSafe leads the health and safety at work system, provides regulatory effectiveness, and has harm prevention focus areas.

ACC incentivises workplace health and safety improvements, supports return to work, and has injury prevention programmes.

The plan incorporates the goals and priorities of the Health and Safety at Work Strategy 2018-2028, WorkSafe’s 2018-2022 strategy and ACC’s injury prevention strategy and priorities.

It also covers:

  • agriculture, construction, forestry, manufacturing, and healthcare and social assistance
  • cross-sector risks: work-related health, body stressing, and vehicle-related injuries
  • incentives, worker engagement, participation and representation, and supporting workers with greater need.

The plan’s success in delivering targeted programmes that help prevent injuries and harm depends on collective action by government, businesses, leaders, unions and workers.

WorkSafe and ACC are required by law to have a workplace injury prevention action plan and have worked together on this since 2016 when the first plan was published. The plan has to be reviewed at least once every three years. The revised version was published in July 2019.

Read the plan

Harm Reduction Action Plan (PDF 225 KB)