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The WorkSafe Toolshed

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Welcome to The WorkSafe Toolshed.

We've developed some tools and resources to help you understand the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) and get you started with managing workplace health and safety.

We're continually adding new stuff so keep checking back with our website or subscribe for updates.

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...they are here to help explain the key workplace health and safety concepts, in their own unique and special way...

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[image] safer farms map header

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This tool identifies some of the risks that canaffect your farm and how you can manage them...

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[image] manufacturing floorplan header

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This animated floorplan highlights some of the risks that can be found on a manufacturing site and how they can be managed...

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[image] construction floorplan header

[image] risks in construction promo

This animated floorplan highlights some of the risks that can be found on a construction site and how they can be managed...

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[image] inspector toolkits header

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These toolkits have been designed for our inspectors, and ensure there's a consistent approach to workplace inspections throughout New Zealand...

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[image] Case studies heading

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These case studies are great examples of how everyday New Zealand businesses are working smarter to manage workplace health and safety...

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[image] bullying prevention tools header

[image] Bullying prevention promo

Tools and resources to help guide you in preventing bullying in your workplace...

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[image] Duty holder review header

Tools to help Duty Holders know what to do if asked by an inspector to review a workplace incident ...

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[image] health and safety templates header

Forms and templates to assist you with managing safe practices in your workplace...

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[image] writing h&s docs - header

This resource will help with preparing and writing health and safety documents for your workplace...

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[image] COSHH essential tools

This tool provides advice on how to control exposure to hazardous substances for a range of common workplace tasks and chemicals...

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[image] respirator selector tool header

This tool can be used by New Zealand workplaces to assist in choosing and managing the correct respiratory protection...

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[image] Pathways Awarua header

A free tool that aims to improve health and safety in the workplace by building literacy....

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