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Extractives’ Certificate of Competence Work Experience Logbook Guidance
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Extractives’ Certificate of Competence Work Experience Logbook Guidance

10 July 2016

The Extractives’ Certificate of Competence (CoC) requirements state that an applicant must satisfy the Board that he or she has been employed ‘in the workings’ of the relevant type of mine, tunnel or quarry for a particular period of time (depending on the CoC). Some CoCs have additional requirements that stipulate the specific type of work experience required.

‘Workings’ include activities related to the topics listed under the Operation and Safety Systems competency used in the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements for CoC holders. These include (but are not limited to) topics such as:


Exploration/site investigation

Outburst management

Slope stability

Inrush and inundation management

Operational planning

Flammable dust management

Temporary work/preparatory works



Spontaneous combustion


Environmental management


Emplacement stability

Plant and equipment

Ponds and dams




Waste dumps

Instrumentation and monitoring


Ground or strata management

Mine surveying

Roads and vehicle operations

Winding engines

Fire and explosion prevention

Segment management

Gas management

Safety management

Mechanical engineering

Risk management

Electrical engineering

Worker health management

Ventilation management



When assessing whether an applicant has had satisfactory experience in the workings of a mine, tunnel or quarry for the required period, the Board will be looking for a breadth of experience over different activities within the topics shown above. Ideally, the applicant’s experience will be in more than one of the topics.

It is recommended that applicants give as much detail as possible of the roles they have held and the activities or tasks they have undertaken when filling in the ‘Certificate of Competence Work Experience Logbook’.

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