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Best practice guidance becomes "good practice" guidance
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Best practice guidance becomes "good practice" guidance

23 January 2015

WorkSafe New Zealand has recently adopted the term ‘Good Practice Guide’ to describe our major guidance publications. Previously these have been called ‘Best Practice Guides’.

Why the change?

  1. It’s not possible to state with absolute certainty that a practice described in our guidance is ‘best practice’. It’s impossible for WorkSafe to survey the safe work practices in every workplace or consult every business and worker so there may be excellent safe work practices that we aren’t aware of.
  2. Workplaces are constantly changing and evolving, and what people do and how they work in those workplaces changes too, including developments in systems or technology that introduce new and safer ways of working. This means that the ‘best practice’ described in a guidance document may become outdated after publication and therefore no longer be ‘best’.

All guidance published under the ‘Good Practice’ banner will address both of these concerns while continuing to set a standard and support our goal of minimising harm in the workplace.

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