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Workers and employers urged to keep safe during summer
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Workers and employers urged to keep safe during summer

4 January 2012

With research showing that longer daylight hours can lead to an increase in workplace deaths, the Department of Labour (now the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) is reminding workers to think about their safety during summer.

Longer daylight hours and working hours can lead to stress and fatigue and it is important that employers and employees understand and are aware of the triggers and signs and manage these appropriately.

“Across the board, from construction workers to farmers to retail assistants, many of these people are going to be working longer hours over the summer holiday period - it brings added pressure and stress,” says the Department’s General Manager – National Support and Services Brett Murray.

“Some workers will be in the summer sun for up to twelve hours and it’s important that they look after themselves, take breaks and stay hydrated.

“Research shows an apparent increase in workplace fatalities during the summer months – this illustrates why safety must be a priority during this time.

“Creating a safe and healthy workplace is everybody’s business – basic part of the relationship between employers and employees. We’d expect employers to put their employees’ safety at the top of the priority list, and keep an eye on stress and fatigue levels,” says Mr Murray.

“We want everyone to have an enjoyable summer, this means that they come home from work safely.”


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