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Whatever business you are in and whatever your job, when it comes to health and safety there is one piece of safety gear we can all use to help prevent health and safety issues from happening – it’s your mouth. 

By now we all know that New Zealand has a problem when it comes health and safety. If you didn’t know that, check out our TV ad. Having a health and safety conversation with your workmates, your boss or your workers is the first action to take to help make sure everyone goes home healthy and safe.

Planning for the day ahead, knowing who’s doing what, learning from past mistakes and coming up with ways to work better and do things safer are conversations we should be having all the time.

As a worker it’s your right and your responsibility to speak up at work. It can be hard but it’s worth it to look out for yourself and your workmates.

As a boss it’s your responsibility to encourage your workers to speak up. With their help you can create a healthier and safer working environment to make sure everyone gets home at the end of the day.

Your mouth is a great bit of safety gear — use it and start talking. 


Check out how you can use your mouth

Take a look at some of the tools to get you talking

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[image] Around the block lockup

Want to learn some of the ways to keep your workers healthy and safe? Find out more at Around the Block...

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[image] safer farms map header

[image] safer farms map promo

This tool identifies some of the risks that can affect your farm and how you can manage them...

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[image] manufacturing floorplan header

[image] risks in manufacturing promo

This animated floorplan highlights some of the risks that can be found on a manufacturing site and how they can be managed...

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Something doesn't look right

It's up to you to make suggestions to improve health and safety at your workplace.

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[image] Use your mouth 02.


How well do you understand worker engagement and participation?

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[image] Use your mouth 03.

HSRs and committees

Talk to your Health and Safety Representative about any problems

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[image] Use your mouth 04.

Your duties

HSWA requires everyone to work together to improve health and safety.

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[image] Use your mouth 05.

Myths busted

All workers must have opportunities to participate in improving work health and safety.

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Talking about risks together is Goud for business

Read how Goud Milk Ltd ensures worker engagement and participation with their small team.

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[image] Poster page

Download and print posters to use at your workplace

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