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Contractor ‘de-gloves’ wedding ring finger
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Contractor ‘de-gloves’ wedding ring finger

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18 August 2014 - Safety Alert



WorkSafe NZ has been advised of an incident this week in which a contractor suffered a ‘de-gloving’ of his wedding ring finger. The contractor was climbing an access ladder when his foot slipped and his ring and finger were caught on the ladder steps. This event was not life threatening, but was life changing and totally avoidable.



The company has immediately instituted a sites-wide ban on wearing of finger rings by staff and contractors pending the results of their internal investigation. They will undertake a risk assessment and release a formal Jewellery Policy. WorkSafe NZ High Hazards Unit inspectors will be investigating the incident.


WorkSafe NZ advice

WorkSafe NZ advises site operators to consider the risk posed to their workers by the wearing of finger rings and to consider the wider risks around entanglement in machinery and equipment. Operators should assess whether a formal policy is required. For those operators who have a policy on the matter, WorkSafe NZ advises that it should be re-stated to all employees and contractors.



WorkSafe NZ provides guidance on entanglement risks (in general and specific to particular industries) in a wide variety of documents on its website. Operators may wish to consult section 3.4.7 in the Best Practice Guidelines for the Safe Use of Machinery.


Tony Forster
Chief Inspector, Extractives


Last updated 19 August 2016