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Work-related health update
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Work-related health update

Each month, we send out our Work-related health update. Read the latest update below.

June 2017 Update

  • Workplace respiratory hazards and our guidance for you on workplace respiratory hazards, local exhaust ventilation systems, and respiratory protective equipment
  • Cleaner air for Manukau precast concrete workers through our initiative with local companies
  • Making construction industry workers safer from fine dust at work – advice from our Construction Lead Vadim Spice
  • The latest report on work-related health issues our inspectors see
  • Keeping safe from carbon monoxide poisoning
  • A warning on a new E.coli strain
  • Unseen health risks on the farm
  • New online tool for SMEs on workplace health and wellbeing

Read the June 2017 Update


April 2017 Update

  • Updated resources to prevent and respond to workplace bullying.
  • WorkSafe approach to workplace mental health risks.
  • Protection for stock workers against leptospirosis, more prevalent in wet conditions.
  • Consultation on workplace exposure standards & biological exposure standards.
  • Free mobile health advice for Canterbury rebuild construction workers.
  • WorkSafe’s take on better conversations.
  • World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

Read the April 2017 update


February 2017 Update

  • Handling soil, compost or potting mix to reduce the risk of legionellosis 
  • Reducing the risk of Legionnaires’ disease from cooling towers and evaporative condensers 
  • Keeping safe from harmful substances sometimes found inside containers 
  • Insights from our inspectors on the most common work-related health risks they see.

Read the February 2017 update


September 2016 Update

  • Healthy Work – WorkSafe’s work-related health plan
  • New sheep shearing guidelines
  • Risk of the month: Carbon monoxide and using forklifts
  • Mercy Hospital providing a healthy workplace for surgical staff
  • Fonterra case study for tackling driver fatigue

Read the September 2016 Update


August 2016 Update

  • This month’s risk: Asbestos
  • Spike in Northland leptospirosis prompts warning to farmers
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning changed the way this business addressed health

Read the August 2016 update


June 2016 update

In this issue:

  • Why the focus on work-related health?
  • Clean Air programme
  • Front line view
  • Tools and resources

Read the June 2016 update



Last updated 21 July 2017


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