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Case studies

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Change in attitude – key to tackling fatigue

This change in attitude is the result of Fonterra putting fatigue front and centre by launching a programme in December 2015 to help keep tanker operators stay safe after having two roll overs and three incidents where drivers drove off the road or tracks.

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Mercy Hospital blazes trail in providing a healthy workplace for surgical staff

Smoky atmospheres are unacceptable in any part of Dunedin’s Mercy Hospital site – including the operating theatres.

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Improving health reduces injury rates

The Sanitarium company recognises that a worker’s health can impact on safety at work so provides comprehensive health programmes for its ageing workforce.

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Working with experts to find innovative solution to airborne dust

When an airborne dust issue was identified at the Placemakers Frame & Truss manufacturing plant in Wiri, Auckland, management and staff worked with experts to develop an innovative solution.

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Working in partnership to address fatigue

Impairment from fatigue can increase the risk of injuries. "If people are tired, things get broken and people can get hurt," said Landcorp Farm Business Manager Mark Johnson.

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Reducing the risk of muscle and joint injuries

Heavy machinery parts manufacturer Real Steel identified a number of hazards in its business, including manual lifting injuries.

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Carbon monoxide poisoning changed the way this business addressed health

When one of their workers was hospitalised with carbon monoxide poisoning, concrete contracting business Angus McMillan Concrete took action to address the hazard and raise awareness across the industry.

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Clean air initiatives add value and boost productivity

Sheet metal production engineering company RH Freeman took a two-pronged approach to protect workers’ health when a client introduced a product which generated a lot of smoke during welding.

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Retail designers go extra mile on shop floor

Retail Dimension already had good controls in place for dust, meeting the need for clean air conditions at its manufacturing facility – but management wanted to go that extra mile.

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Working together to reduce carbon monoxide fumes

WorkSafe Inspector Nigel Formosa highlighted a carbon monoxide hazard at Plumbing World in Hastings, leading to company-wide changes.

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Last updated 28 September 2016