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Extractives Certificates of Competence

List of Certificates of Competence

  • Site Senior Executive
  • First Class Mine Manager
  • First Class Coal Mine Manager
  • A-grade opencast coal mine manager
  • B-grade opencast coal mine manager
  • A-grade quarry manager
  • B-grade quarry manager
  • A-grade tunnel manager
  • B-grade tunnel manager
  • Coal mine deputy
  • Coal mine underviewer
  • Supervisor
  • Mine surveyor
  • Ventilation officer
  • Winding engine driver
  • Mechanical superintendent
  • Electrical superintendent


Legisation Details

Health and Safety at Work (Mining Operations and Quarrying Operations) Regulation 2016


Applying for a Certificate of Competence




For further information please contact the BoE Secretariat if you have any questions


Last updated 20 April 2017