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Roles and responsibilities for businesses and workers
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Roles and responsibilities for businesses and workers

This section provides you with the key roles and responsibilities in the new regulations that relate to:

  • Work involving asbestos
  • Demolition and refurbishment
  • Asbestos-related work
  • Asbestos removal:
    • PCBU commissioning asbestos removal 
    • PCBU with management or control of a workplace
    • Removalists.

Throughout this section we've used the term 'Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking' (PCBU).

While a PCBU may be an individual person, in most cases the PCBU will be an organisation (eg a business entity such as a company).

An individual, such as a sole trader, can also be a PCBU.

Work involving asbestos

Here we explain your roles and responsibilities when working with asbestos, including conduct and general duties, management of asbestos risks, health monitoring, training, and use of equipment.

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Demolition and refurbishment

This information applies to the demolition or refurbishment of a structure or plant: that was constructed or installed before 1 January 2000; or in which asbestos has been identified; or in which asbestos is likely to be present from time to time. This does not include minor or routine maintenance work, or other minor work.

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Asbestos removal

Roles and responsibilities for PCBUs commissioning asbestos removal or with management or control of a workplace, and for licensed removalists.

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Asbestos-related work

This page outlines a PCBU's duties in relation to asbestos-removal work.

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Membrane filter method required for Class A air monitoring

A membrane filter method is required for air monitoring during Class A asbestos removal work.

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Last updated 5 May 2016


On Monday 4 April 2016, the New Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) came into effect.

HSWA repeals the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, with immediate effect.

All references to the 1992 Act on this website and within our guidance will be progressively removed.