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Overlapping duties
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Overlapping duties

Ensuring businesses work together for the health and safety of everyone in the workplace is a fundamental part of HSWA's design.

When two or more businesses are working together at the same location or through a contracting chain, they must work together to fulfil their duties of care.

Where those duties overlap, they need to consult, cooperate, and coordinate their activities to meet their health and safety responsibilities to workers and others.

Why businesses need to consult

Consultation helps prevent any gaps in managing work health and safety risks. It will also help businesses reach a common understanding and establish clear roles, responsibilities and actions.

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Working with multiple businesses

When multiple businesses are working together, more than one business can have the same duty in relation to work health and safety. This happens in situations where there are multiple businesses at the same location.

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Last updated 2 April 2016

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Businesses that work together will likely share health and safety duties in relation to the same matter. These are known as overlapping duties.


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