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Officers and the duty of due diligence
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Officers and the duty of due diligence

HSWA makes health and safety everyone's responsibility, while at the same time recognising that officers in a business have more influence and control over the business than its workers.

Under HSWA, senior business leaders are responsible for ensuring that the business is meeting its health and safety responsibilities. They must make sure the business understands and manages its key risks. 

Who is an officer?

An officer is a person who holds a very senior leadership position in the business, and has the ability to significantly influence the management of a business or undertaking.

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What is due diligence?

Officers have the duty of due diligence to ensure their business complies with HSWA. This means that they must take reasonable steps to ensure the business is complying with its health and safety responsibilities.

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Last updated 2 April 2016


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