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Meet Steve and the yappers

These animated videos have been created to help you and your workers understand some of the key workplace health and safety concepts in a unique way. They’re fun ‘icebreakers’ to introduce and set the context for having a more detailed conversation about the topic they represent.

Use them in your team talks and then take advantage of some of the more detailed information we have available. We have provided links to related content, and are regularly producing new resources – so make sure tocheck back!

Where's the risk?

[image] Icebreaker 1

Keeping healthy and safe at work is all about identifying and managing the risk...


Is it practicable?

[image] Icebreaker 2

The new health and safety law is not about demanding the impossible...


Keeping everyone healthy and safe

[image] Icebreaker 3

Responsible businesses look out for all their workers, customers and suppliers...


Watch out for yourself and your mates

[image] Icebreaker 4

Follow workplace rules and procedures - keep yourself and your mates healthy and safe.


If something doesn't look right, call it.

[image] Icebreaker 5

Safety is everyone's concern. If you see something that doesn't look right, call it.


We're all responsible.

[image] Icebreaker 6

We're all responsible. Work together and get home healthy and safe...


Health and safety - it's a group thing

[image] Icebreaker 7

If you're a contractor, a client or a visiting subbie, your work will overlap with someone elses...




Last updated 6 October 2016