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HSWA case studies

HSWA case studies

These case studies provide great examples of how New Zealand businesses are improving workplace health and safety; from finding innovative ways to involve workers in workplace health and safety, to collaborating with other businesses to find solutions for eliminating or managing risks.

[IMAGE] CHEP New Zealand header

[image] chep logo

When leading supply chain solutions company CHEP New Zealand logged 35 manual handling injuries in one year, they knew they needed to start doing things differently.

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[image] Contact Energy header

[image] Contact Energy banner

Bringing teams together to learn from incidents is transforming worker participation and engagement in health and safety at Contact Energy.

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[image] Coughlan Construction

[image] Coughlan Construction banner

Turning down work for a major company because "their H&S requirements looked too arduous" led to major changes for Coughlan Construction.

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[image] Goodmans header

[image] Goodmans banner

When it comes to getting their workers involved in health and safety, Goodmans find the best approach is to keep it simple.

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[image] Goud Milk header

[image] Goud Milk logo

Colouring pencils and barbecues are just some of the ways dairy farmers Jodie and Carl Goudswaard ensure worker engagement and participation with their small team.

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[image] Landcorp New Zealand

[image] Landcorp logo

Since Farm Business Manager Mark Johnson introduced new approaches to health and safety on the four farms he manages, there have been fewer incidents and productivity has increased.

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[image] Livestock Improvement Corporation header

[image] LIC logo

By placing a ‘Have your say’ board in the middle of the staff cafeteria, Livestock Improvement Corporation has provided a 'hotline' for workers to raise issues with senior leaders, significantly increasing worker participation.

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[image] Napier Port header

[image] Napier Port logo

Sharing a serious near-miss led to Napier Port launching a collaborative project which addressed a serious safety risk, while bringing unexpected ‘spill-over’ benefits.

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[image] Real Steel header

[image] Real Steel banner

Having practical, hands-on workshops is just one example of the strong ongoing focus on worker participation, which has transformed the H&S culture at Upper-Hutt based Real Steel.

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[image] Waste Management header

[image] Waste Management logo new

Involving workers has proved so successful for Waste Management in the Hutt Valley, that the waste sorting and recycling plant has significantly boosted staff retention, with zero turnover for the past four years.

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[image] wellington pipelines header

[image] wellington pipelines tikanga

James Fruean, of Wellington Pipelines, used to see health and safety as a ‘drag’. Today it’s a passion, with an approach based on tikanga principles boosting productivity through a strongly engaged workforce.

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[image] wellington pipelines header

[image] wellington pipelines empower

No-one gets more than a few steps onto the Wellington Pipelines worksite before someone appears, iPad in hand, to take you through
the safety induction kōrero.

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