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Health and safety risks
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Health and safety risks

Managing health and safety risks

In this section you will find information about a range of health and safety risks found in most New Zealand businesses.

Different businesses have different health and safety risks - it all depends on the type of work being done. A healthy and safe workplace starts with identifying and understanding what the work-related health and safety risks are and then doing what is reasonable and practical to manage those risks.

The information below is available to help businesses better understand health and safety risk management in their business context and to support them with getting workers involved in identifying and managing those risks.

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Here you can find information about a range of health and safety risks found in many New Zealand businesses...

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We've pulled together some guidance on how to manage your work health and safety risks, including a framework to help you through the process for identifying, assessing, managing and controlling risks.

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...they are here to help explain the key workplace health and safety concepts, in their own unique and special way...

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These case studies are great examples of how everyday New Zealand businesses are engaging with their workers to find smart and sustainable solutions for managing workplace health and safety...

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