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How it works

Choose how you want to use the toolkit

The toolkit will be available as three separate products. Choose what works best for your business – or use them all.

[image] Toolkit options


Resources and guidance (available September 2017)

The resources will explain what the performance requirements and their maturity scales are and provide guidance on how you could use them.

The resources and guidance will be suitable for all businesses. There is no cost for the resources and guidance material.


[image] Governance to contractors hierarchy

An independent onsite assessment (available around September 2017)

Use an independent accredited assessor to make an assessment on how well you are performing against the performance requirements and provide advice on how to improve.

The onsite assessment uses a behavioural based approach to measure your performance and give you fresh, expert insights and advice: The assessment will:

  • observe behaviours, attitudes and culture onsite
  • interview workers, managers and senior leaders
  • review systems, practices, and perceptions
  • trace three key risks (including one work-related health risk) through your business

You will receive a detailed report with an illustration of performance and tailored advice so you can have confidence about your performance and focus on the right issues

The onsite assessment will be suitable for all businesses and is most likely to appeal to medium and large sized businesses. There will be a cost for the onsite assessment.

More information will be available around September 2017 about how to choose an accredited assessor and arrange an onsite assessment for your business.

Note: The accreditation process is now being set up for the independent assessors. If you would like more information about this process, please contact


[image] Managers workers contractors cycle

An online self assessment (available mid 2018)

Use our online tool to help identify gaps in your health and safety performance and receive guidance on how to improve.

Gain awareness of health and safety issues and see how well you are doing with the input of managers, workers and contractors

The online self-assessment tool will be suitable for all businesses including small businesses (SMEs). There will be no cost for use of this tool.


Last updated 1 June 2017