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High Hazards & Energy Safety
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High Hazards & Energy Safety

The High Hazards Unit works to ensure high standards of safety in New Zealand’s, mining, petroleum and geothermal sectors as well as Major hazard facilities. The Energy Safety team acts as the regulator for ensuring the safe supply and use of electricity and gas in New Zealand.  The industries we work with have inherent and significant hazards – even when managed by highly motivated and safety conscious operators. Failure doesn’t happen often, but when it does, its consequences, in human, environmental and economic costs, can be catastrophic.

We work with both the public and industry to create an environment in which people and property are safeguarded from the dangers of electricity and gas.

Our primary role is to enforce health and safety legislation in these high hazard industries. We have an audit and enforcement role, focussing on the systems behind workplace practices, and will take immediate and decisive action where we see inadequate controls in place.

In these pages you’ll find more detail about who we are and how we work, the regulations we enforce, and our key activities and priorities for our work with the extractives, major hazard facilities, Energy Safety, petroleum and geothermal sectors.

You’ll also find links to our policies and procedures and to guidance material and safety alerts.


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Last updated 27 June 2017