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Why work for WorkSafe New Zealand?
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Why work for WorkSafe New Zealand?

Training and development

WorkSafe provides opportunities to develop your skills and experience for your role, or to prepare you for potential future roles.

Training and development options include on-the-job learning, internal and external training programmes, attendance at conferences and seminars, leadership and management development programmes, secondments and study towards a recognised qualification. 

Health and safety inspectors progress through a formal trainee development programme.


Flexible working hours and work/life balance

WorkSafe actively encourages a work/life balance. Flexible working hours may be an option you can consider while you’re working at WorkSafe.



As a new employee a 3% KiwiSaver contribution will be automatically deducted from your pay unless you choose to opt out within the first 2-8 weeks. If you are eligible, WorkSafe will make an employee contribution according to the legislative requirements.

If you are currently a member of the State Sector Retirement Savings Scheme or Government Superannuation Scheme and wish to continue your contributions if you join WorkSafe, let us know.


Southern Cross Healthcare

Working for WorkSafe means you’ll pay less for health insurance from Southern Cross Health Society because WorkSafe has a Southern Cross work scheme which entitles you to reduced premiums.


Health and wellbeing

Employee Assistance Programme

WorkSafe realises that sometimes employees benefit from professional guidance so we offer employee assistance in the form of counselling services which are private and confidential. This can be accessed by all employees.

Flu immunisations

You will be offered free flu vaccines annually and encouraged to take advantage of this.


Clothing allowance

Our people who work regularly in the field, for example Health & Safety Inspectors, need to be readily identifiable as being from WorkSafe. Field staff and some other staff who regularly interact with the public are eligible for a one-off wardrobe allowance and an annual replacement allowance. Depending on your role this allowance may provide sufficient clothing to enable you to wear the wardrobe full time - in both the office and in the field - or to wear on occasions when you are representing WorkSafe with the general public.


Last updated 16 October 2015